Schedule for Mini-theatre

Regulations :

1. Registered student bodies of Student Union and staff of Lee Woo Sing College have the priority to make a booking.

2. Venue booking for Mini-theatre has to be submitted at least 1 week but not more than 1 month prior to the event date.

3. Deposit of $500 is required to reserve the mini-theatre. The College reserves the right to forfeit the deposit if any damage is found or failed to restore the venue into good condition.

Please settle the deposit in cash at College Office within office hours 3 days before the event date. A receipt will be issued to your group. Please keep the receipt for deposit refund. Please collect the refund within one month after the event should you keep the venue clean and tidy after use. Deposit will not be refunded if student body fails to show the receipt. 

4. Each student body can only reserve an venue at most 2 times a week

5. Users are responsible for reinstating the facility to its original condition immediately after use. Users are responsible to keep the venue clean and tidy at all times. The College may forfeit the deposit should student bodies failed to keep the venue clean after use. 

6. Refreshment and drinks are not allowed at Mini-theatre.

7. Smoking is prohibited in any venues on campus.

8. Transfer of bookings is not allowed. 

9. Users shall be liable for any loss or damage to the venue (including equipment, furniture and fixtures).

10. The College reserves the right to disapprove a booking, to remove and dispose of any material, or to stop any activities that do not comply with the above-mentioned rules without notice.


11. Please send an email to 2 working days in advance if you would like to cancel a booking. The College will consider not approving user's future booking if it is found frequent.

Procedures on room check-out <NEW>:

12. Only member of the society who made the booking is eligible to check out the room by showing his/her WS card and fill out the function room check out form at lobby counter. The student can assign his/her teammate to check out the room if the schedule is not fit but notification has to be sent to the College 1 working day in advance.

13. Users and all the activity participants are responsible to leave the venue on time. Should users fail to comply with this rule, the College will forfeit the deposit. Thus, please approach the lobby counter to confirm your leave time.