Jazzercise LEK Class Schedule Check-in System

Welcome and thank you for registering for the JazzerciseLEK class check-in system. 

If you haven't already been directed to complete our Customer Participation form, you will need to do this before you can complete the payment form and pre pay and book into any of our classes.  

To guarantee your space you can check-in to our 'IN-PERSON' classes on our check-in system - you can book 4 weeks ahead of time.  If you book a class and are then unable to attend, please cancel your space.

Before you can book onto any of our 'in-person' classes pre payment is required; so if you are NEW, and not already a member or are a class pass holder... please head to this link to choose your payment option: JazzerciseLEK/Pricing_&_Payment_Information

Thank you for your support.

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