Action Sports WA. Kitesurf Lesson Booking System

Please select a username and password to login.  Once confirmed, you can then make bookings or changes whenever you like.

To make a booking you first need to purchase lesson credits. A standard 2-hour lesson requires $200 credit. 

If you have a recent Gift Certificate (issued since 1/10/2016), there is no need to purchase credit, you can make a "New Booking" and simply enter the certificate code as payment.  For older Gift Certificates, please call us at the shop on 08 9240 8547 for bookings.  Codes are a one use only.  If you continue with additional training, you will need to purchase credit in the way mentioned above.

If you have difficulties in making bookings or payment, please call us with your credit card details so we may assist you. (08) 9240 8547.

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