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Welcome to Sonja Grace's Appointment Calendar for Sessions.

Please note that Sonja Grace is booked out 4-5 months in advance. If you are in need of an emergency, 20 minute appointment for an urgent matter, the price is $385.00 (click here to purchase an emergency appointment). Emergency appointments cannot be scheduled here in this calendar. This appointment can be scheduled through the office and will usually be booked within 72 hours. Click here to contact the office and Sonja will email you with a time and date!

To view available time slots, please choose a session first, then the 'Available' tab (or click the 'Available' button if you are on mobile).

If you are in calendar view, please choose a session first, then choose a day and time that is available.
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Please contact Sonja Grace at her Contact Page if you have any troubles/questions/comments.

All phone sessions are nonrefundable. If you need to move your session to another date, please contact the office.

Personal 60 Minute Session $ 295.00 1:00
Personal 40 Minute Session $ 255.00 0:40
60 Minute Past Life Session $ 295.00 1:00
40 Minute Animal Totem Session $ 255.00 0:40
Long Distance Clearing and Healing $ 325.00 1:00