Schedule for USC Volunteer Signup

Welcome to the USC Volunteer Calendar.  It now includes sign up for monthly BBQs and other social events as well as for race committee.


Race Committee: We have 7 months of racing scheduled, plus regattas every year.  We need everybody's help to provide race committee for all those days!  Race committee is vital to the health of the Club and the success of racing. Each USC club member who races must volunteer for Race Committee a minimum of one day

for every 5 days of racing. To volunteer, click below on the date that you would like to volunteer, then on "New Attendance".  Please include email and phone so we can contact you (Only your name will be visible to other users). 

The schedule shows two slots available per race day but it will allow you to overbook if there are more than two of you that day.

This schedule allows sign-ups only.  If you need to cancel or change your date, please email the Race-Committee Chairman at