Help for New Squash Player of account Squash Passion

First choose your squash center on the left side, click an empty day/time slot and then click 'Create new lesson booking ...'

Colored squares are other player's bookings, so standard (non-back to back appointments) will create a 1 hour gap either side of sessions unless they are back to back at the same location (same colour).

No court? Use our 'Court Locator' to find a public court

To make changes 24hrs or more before your appointment use Update (only Delete if you don't intend to make changes). Otherwise please forfeit so the coach doesn't make an unnecessary trip.

Qu: How many lessons for a block credit?

Ans: It depends on the days and times you take your lessons. The standard rate is $64/hr:

Discount - 10am - 6pm Mon - Fri - Lowest rate (10% less than standard/lesson)

Peak - 9am - 10am Mon - Fri and all day weekends - standard rate/lesson

Early/Late - 8am - 9am, 9pm - 10pm any day - highest rate (20% more than standard/lesson)

Eg: You take 3 peak sessions (standard rate X 3 = $192) and 1 discounted session (discount rate X 1 = $57.6). Total is $249.6. You are left with $50.4 credit on the system which will be added to your next credit. Excess can be returned by request via PayPal any time up to 6 months after your last session.

* Prices are subject to change over time. Users will be notified of upcoming price increases on the payment page.

Any other questions?