PWDCNC Water Practice

Welcome to the Water Scheduling system.  Registration will open April 20, 2020 at 7:00 pm.  Water Season runs May 26 - late September 2020.

Please note that sign ups are being taken in the hope that we will have access to the lake for practice this summer.  With the ongoing COVI-19 situation we're going to take a positive stance but will adjust as time goes by.

Signing up for a slot is easy!  Just click on the day and the slot (AM or PM) and make sure to click "repeat" to sign up for multiple days at once.  The "Title" block is for your name and the capacity block is for quantity of dogs maximum is two.  Slots are 30 minutes long, $7 each.  If you would like to pay using Paypal, the payment address is  If you add a Paypal link to your checking account, no fees.  If you designate the club as a personal payment we don't pay any fees. Please comment when you use Paypal that it is a Water Practice Payment.  Please make it easier on the Treasurer.