Oath for Public Office

Congratulations on your recent appointment or assignment as a public official.  Please use our schedule to block a time to come to our office to be sworn-in.  


  • Your Oath will take place at City Hall (210 Main St) on the SIDE entrance of the building on Crafts Ave.
  • When you arrive please call us at (413) 587-1224.
  • We will meet you to complete the paperwork and administer the oath.
  • FOR NOTARIES AND JUSTICE OF THE PEACE ONLY: Bring all materials required to your appointment:
    • Your paperwork, including the certificate and letter you received from the appointing authority
    • Photo ID
    • Fee of $15 (cash or business check made payable to the City of Northampton)

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NOTE: The Office is observing all safety standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as established by the Northampton Health Department.  We reserve the right to deny services to members of the public who are not wearing face coverings or adhering to protocols necessary to prevent the spread of germs.  Please reschedule if you are sick or have COVID-19 related symptoms.