Add Online Appointment Scheduling to Your Site

Fits many different online scheduling needs:

  • Accept online appointments for your business
  • Allow students to sign up for a class online
  • Show when your boat is available for hire
  • Use an appointment scheduler to book
 meeting rooms
  • … and much more
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Scheduling statisticsReview and download your booking statistics
Fitness booking systemOrganize group events or one-on-ones
Resource schedulerSchedule several resources simultaneously
Schedule servicesSchedule any type of service
Automated waiting listsUse automated waiting lists
Flexible schedulerBe in control with the most flexible scheduler on the market
Portrait woman Portrait man Portrait woman Portrait couple Portrait woman Portrait man SuperSaaS simply works for everyone

Online Scheduling Made Easy and Affordable

Fits every budget

Free version for small and non-commercial use, paid plans start at $8 
a month

Elegant design

Elegant design, customizable to give it your own look and feel

Payment processing

Free integrated payment processing, supports 
26 currencies

Extremely customizable

Configure each and every part of the scheduling process

Time saving features

Many time saving features including automated
 waiting list option

Desktop & Mobile

Award-winning user interface, also optimized for
 mobile devices

Integrates into your site

Works with any site, including Wordpress and Joomla

Speaks your language

Your customers can choose from 29 languages

Have Your Appointment Calendar Online in Minutes

  1. Sign up for an account; the basic version is free
  2. Build your schedule by simply picking options from a menu
  3. Try out the working schedule,
 you receive a link right away
  4. Place the link on your website so people can start using it

And you’re done! It is entirely web based, so there is nothing to install and it works on any computer

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Over 45 million appointments booked through SuperSaaS worldwide!

I conduct photography workshops and scheduling is always a nightmare. Love this system and without it, I would not be able to get the scheduling done without a ton of help.

John Ater, Photographer

SuperSaaS satisfied the unique scheduling needs of my drop in child care center while making it more convenient for parents to schedule their own reservations.

Mandy James, The Treehouse Hourly Child Care

We use SuperSaaS for booking everything from meeting rooms to bikes and all our staff comment on how easy and efficient it is to use.

Louise Shaw, Kent Union

Easy to use reservation system with great features that makes record keeping a breeze, we can easily tailor our sessions to those people who have signed in.

Kelsey Lapthorn, Ashford Run England Leader

We have used SuperSaaS for signups for many dog training classes and both trainers and students have been quite happy with the functionality!

Julia, DogWorks Training Inc.

SuperSaaS was up and running smoothly in 15 minutes and fully integrated into my site, in style and format, in about an hour. The flexibility and simplicity is impressive.

Kane, Float Matrix
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Logo One to One
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Works with any type of business

  • Schools
  • Sport clubs
  • Dog trainers
  • Tennis courts
  • Coaching
  • Therapists
  • Beauty & wellness
  • Language schools
  • Cleaning services
  • Driving lessons
  • Fitness studios
  • Music schools
  • Workspace rental
  • Tour organizations
  • Photography studios
  • Personal trainers
  • Medical professionals
  • and more…

And any kind of scheduling

  • Appointments
  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Seminars
  • Classes
  • Rentals
  • Meeting rooms
  • Office equipment
  • Event registration
  • Conference rooms
  • Resource scheduling
  • and more…

An online appointment schedule makes money

Customers appreciate the convenience of 24/7 online appointment scheduling. This type of customer service can really make a difference: our testimonial page has stories from businesses that saw an increase of 100% or more since they started offering SuperSaaS on their site. And when customers manage their own appointments via the system you spend less time on the phone. Time you can spend improving your business. Some of the smaller features can have business impact too: automated email reminders can reduce no-show appointments and automated waiting lists can increase your utilization.

Online scheduling software 
saves money

When you set up an appointment schedule with SuperSaaS it will be hosted on our servers. It runs entirely over the Internet from any regular browser. So there is no software for you to install or worry about. Backups and upgrades are all performed for you automatically. This provides great costs savings compared to installing and maintaining your own reservation system. Your booking calendar will be automatically created to your specification by advanced online software. Because it is very easy to set up and maintain the appointment software yourself, you can avoid the cost of hiring a web developer.

Optimized for mobile devices
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Empower your business online