Online appointment scheduling system for recruiters & HR departments

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Interview scheduling made simple, streamlined and stress-free

Customizable to meet every HR need

Our platform is designed with the flexibility to meet the intricate needs of HR departments and recruitment agencies. Whether you’re coordinating one-on-one interviews, panel interviews, or group assessments, our service can be tailored to streamline your recruitment workflow.

Connects with your services

Easily connect with a wide range of calendar applications, ensuring that all stakeholders are synchronized without the hassle of manual updates.

Affordable plans designed for growth

Starting at just $ 9 per month, our usage-based subscription model is designed to scale with your recruitment efforts.

Example of a SuperSaaS schedule on a computer for recruiters & HR departments
Example of a SuperSaaS schedule on a mobile device for recruiters & HR departments
Example of a SuperSaaS widget-type schedule on a tablet device for recruiters & HR departments

Features of our HR & recruitment appointment booking software

Candidates self-booking

Save time by pre-defining how and when candidates can book or reschedule appointments in your schedule without your involvement

Adapts to your business

All the functionality you need for recruiters & HR departments such as automatically adding a Zoom or Google Meet link to an appointment

Custom layout & forms

Completely customize the layout and ask specific information that you need as part of a booking, such as uploading of a CV

Confirmations & reminders

Confirm bookings and send reminders by e-mail or SMS so no one forgets. Receive notifications when changes are made

Your business, your rules

Whether you want to set cancellation policies, booking rules, or special discounts, SuperSaaS allows you to control every aspect of your scheduling process

Combine or synchronize calendars

Combine availability from multiple calendars, link your Google or Outlook Calendar so that appointments there show up as unavailable on your SuperSaaS schedule

User management

Set separate access levels for team members or create user groups with access to specific schedules

Reporting & analytics

Gain insights in your bookings or export to a different program, such as Excel

Security & reliability

Your data is safe and stored GDPR-compliant, with automatic backups and 24/7 monitoring

Benefits of an appointment scheduling system for recruiters

Increased efficiency in scheduling interviews

One of the most important benefits of an appointment scheduling tool for people working in HR is the increased efficiency in scheduling interviews. With an appointment booking system, recruiters can easily coordinate with potential candidates to set up interviews without having to send emails back and forth.

  • Efficiency: streamline scheduling activities, e.g. allow candidates to reschedule without your involvement.
  • Error free: eliminate manual steps to prevent mistakes.
  • Buffer time: add buffer time between booking slots automatically to allocate time preparing your next appointment.
SuperSaaS schedule on a laptop

All applicants’ appointments and information in one place.

Another benefit is that it’s easier to keep track of applicants because all relevant information about their applications (such as a resume or motivation letter) can be stored along with the appointment directly at the time of booking.

  • Forms: have potential new employees fill out important information in advance in an online questionnaire via a customizable form.
  • GDPR: uploaded files are stored on your Dropbox account for confidentiality reasons.
Two people in an interview

An online reservation system is a great fit HR and recruiting

Based on their feedback of customers in your line of work we have optimized and added features over many years so the system now covers any scheduling need your business may have.

  • Face to face meetings: ensure the system will only allowing booking slots at times when a room is also available, when meeting in person.
  • Virtual meetings: send a meeting link automatically for (video) conferencing services like Google Meet and Zoom, when meeting virtually.
  • Notifications: send booking confirmations and reminders automatically shortly before the reserved time.
SuperSaaS schedule on a smartphone

Easily add online booking to your website

Integrate a button or a schedule on your website or use it stand-alone
Works just as well on desktop as on mobile
Adjust the look & feel to match your site
Schedule interview
Schedule interview

Let’s hear what our customers have to say

Easy to use for both administrator and client. A big plus for the iCal icon to sync the date to an Outlook calendar or other calendar programs. SuperSaaS seems to be the perfect tool for managing 120+ clients with my Corporate Wellbeing Services at an international company with HQ in Vienna. The feedback from various of these clients has been terrific so far.

Alec Roger, Owner and Team Leader, Corporate Wellbeing Services
Our scheduling service is used for:
  • Screening calls
  • Job interviews
  • Performance interviews
  • Staff training sessions
  • KPI reviews
  • Coaching sessions
  • Video conferencing
  • CV-checks
  • Phone calls
  • and more…

The benefits for your business

Increased efficiency

Automating the booking process removes the need for someone to manually take calls and coordinate schedules, saving time and reducing human error such as double bookings.

Happy candidates

Instant appointment booking at any time eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication. This kind of self-service capability is usually preferred by candidates in today’s digital world.

Decreased No-shows

Automatic reminders through emails or text messages significantly cuts down on forgotten or missed appointments, making sure that your business operates at maximum capacity.