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Connect with a video conferencing service

SuperSaaS offers several ways to connect with (video) conferencing services like Google Meet, Zoom, Jitsi Meet and Microsoft Teams. The system can automatically create meetings in Google Meet and Zoom (coming soon). Alternatively, you can manually add meeting links to these or any other conferencing service.

The meeting links are kept hidden from the user until they are registered for a class or have created an appointment. Meetings links will be added to confirmation and reminder emails automatically.

Create Video Meetings in Google Meet

SuperSaaS can automatically add Google Meet meetings when publishing a SuperSaaS schedule to Google Calendar.

To enable Google Meet:

  1. First enable Google Calendar Publishing
  2. Go to Configure > Process on the schedule where you want enable this functionality
  3. Find the heading “Add an online meeting link to the reservation?”
  4. Select the option “Create Google Meet calls” and save the page

Once enabled, the system will automatically add video meetings to your Google Calendar for new appointments, and subsequently insert the meetings links in the appointments on SuperSaaS.

Create Video Meetings in Zoom   Coming soon!

SuperSaaS can automatically generate a Zoom conference link when a user schedules an appointment with you, and then add that link to the appointment on your schedule.

The free “Basic” plan that Zoom offers is limited to meetings up to 40 minutes. Our system does not prevent you from scheduling a meeting that’s longer than your Zoom plan allows. If you want to have longer meetings you should consider upgrading to their “Pro” plan.

To connect your schedule to Zoom:

  1. Visit the Zoom integration page
  2. Click the “Visit Site to Install” button to return to SuperSaaS
  3. For each schedule you want to connect press the Connect to Zoom button
  4. If it is the first time you connect to Zoom then they will ask for permission to do so

Whenever a reservation is made in a connected schedule the system will automatically create a meeting in Zoom. This process can take up to a minute to complete.

As soon as the Zoom meeting details are available the meeting link will become visible in the SuperSaaS interface for both superusers and the user who booked.

In the case of a “Capacity-type” group schedule the meeting link will be stored in the location field the class when you create it. It will be made visible to users after they sign up for the class.

Please note that Zoom allows you to create a maximum of 100 meetings per day. If you intend to set up a large number of meetings in advance you may want to spread that out over multiple days.

To remove the connection:

  1. Visit the Zoom integration page
  2. For each schedule you want to disconnect press the Disconnect button

If you disconnect Zoom from all your schedules we will automatically remove your Zoom credentials from SuperSaaS

Add meeting links manually

If you want to use a different service SuperSaaS does not yet support, or you want to handle the meeting creation manually, then you can add meeting links by hand.

To add a meeting link manually:

  1. Go to Configure > Process on the schedule where you want to enable this functionality
  2. Find the heading “Add an online meeting link to the reservation?”
  3. Select the option “Add the link to the … field manually” and save the page

The meeting links will only show to users who are registered for the class or the appointment.