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Winner in the category: Best Application UIs
Jakob NielsenNielsen Norman Group
It’s a self-service system that will cut down on the number of phone calls you have to take from customers wanting to make appointments.
Mark StachiewMontreal Gazette
The service is really flexible and provides tons of customizations options… SuperSaaS could really do wonders for business time management.


I spent several years using an expensive online scheduler that required constant attention. I spent countless hours exploring potential new online schedulers that never quite did what I wanted.

When I stumbled on SuperSaaS I couldn’t believe it! In 10 minutes I had it set up and have been raving about it ever since. My clients find it incredibly easy to use. I can’t recommend it enough.

Martine Curtis-Oakes, A-Lyne Centre de Formation

Simple administrator interface made for an easy roll-out into production. Quick response from Customer Support, easy configuration of resources (in my case, boats for a homeowner’s association), quick setup of authorized users, and great interface for smartphone, tablets, and PCs. I highly recommend using SuperSaaS

Jon Evenson, Webmaster, A Homeowner’s Association

Look no further, SuperSaaS is the best online appointment booking software! This is the best scheduling software I found after trying 5 others, it can do almost anything you could want, and the guys in support are quick and helpful. It’s even free if you don’t have that many appointments. As it can do so much it does take a little while to figure out how to set it up, but it is well worth the time. I have used it for 2 different business needs, first, as a student booking system to allow university students to book an appointment with a technician and the other in a tattoo parlor to book an appointment for a tattoo. In both cases the system worked brilliantly.

Andrew Brookman Technician, University of Kent

SuperSaaS is very easy for most people to use and saves me a great deal of time scheduling volunteers for specific work shifts.

Dan Dunten, Nature Center Director, West Lafayette Parks and Recreation

SuperSaaS is great appointment scheduling tool for any budget. There are so many options for functionality and features so that you never have to worry about scheduling rooms, courts, etc. It has been a great experience using SuperSaaS. SuperSaaS is definitely worth looking into for any facility manager or operations professional.

Kyle, Recreation Operations Manager, Health Fitness

What we love most about SuperSaaS is that the schedule software is extremely customizable. Before choosing SuperSaaS, I did a lot of research on other websites. In my industry, allowing students to schedule their driving lessons online is very important. No one compares to SuperSaaS with online schedule customization and options. Going with SuperSaaS is one of the best decisions I made for Red Oak Driving School.

Shane Myers, Lead Instructor, Red Oak Driving School

SuperSaaS is Super! So far I have been able to create any kind of schedule to meet any needs I have. It’s very customizable. I also like that I can upgrade and downgrade (or even cancel) my subscription as my needs change. SuperSaaS has been a real gold find for me. I have recommended to a number of other people. The support is awesome and very quick.

Matt Pickard, University of New Mexico

SuperSaaS allows me to share scheduling information with my employees. It’s very easy to use, takes little time to set up, is very easy to edit and is very easy for users to access. I like that I can copy previous schedules. SuperSaaS does exactly what I need it to do. It’s a time saver and helps with organization.

Donna, Valencia College, Orlando, FL

Awesome software – fits our needs perfectly! Though not often needed, support is also exceptional. The variety of scheduling options works well for our organization. It is so easy to set up and our users appreciate the convenience. We use daily across campus for a variety of scheduling issues – I researched and was not able to find anything comparable when we started with SuperSaaS about four years ago. Very impressed and have not found need to look for possible competitor.

Marie Coleman, Lorenzo Walker Technical College

My small business recently had an overwhelmingly successful promotion in which we were flooded with incoming requests for appointments. Without the SuperSaaS scheduler I would have had to hire staff just to handle the scheduling which would have taken at several weeks to get hired and trained. SuperSaaS was up and running smoothly in 15 minutes and fully integrated into my site, in style and format, in about an hour. The flexibility and simplicity is impressive.

The customer service at SuperSaaS is nothing less than excellent. I came across a technical issue while synchronizing with another calendar (a priceless feature) and the issue was fixed within 2 hours on a Saturday.

Kane, Float Matrix

We have piloted several online booking calendars – this is by far the best and most flexible. We are a recording studio and bands just love being able to book themselves in! We have noticed a sudden rise in rehearsal bookings since switching to SuperSaaS.

John Merriman, Crown Lane Studio

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I conduct photography workshops and scheduling is always a nightmare. When I ran a recent promotional, almost 500 people signed up and I knew I had to find an online scheduling system that worked.

On a friend’s recommendation, I decided to give SuperSaaS a try. We were off to a rough start in scheduling but it was an error on my end that SuperSaaS figured out quickly and helped me correct. LOVE this system and without it, I would not be able to get the scheduling done without a ton of help. Best system out there bar none.

John Ater, Photographer

I am an experienced web developer. My company has developed full ASP.NET booking systems but delivering the functionality in this way was more cost-effective for our customer than writing a bespoke system for them. I’d also like to mention the excellent support I’ve received.

Mike Webb and Martin Treacher, Hempsted IT Limited

SuperSaaS has saved countless last minute cancellations and the bottom line is it has ‘trained’ my pupils to be more organized and schedule lessons into the diary. Previously lesson alterations would take hours of ‘text tennis’ between myself and the pupil; now they make changes themselves and I just get an email notification that it’s been done.

Clive Copeland, Bin-The-L-Plates

SuperSaaS offers great features and functionality. The features of the system have taken all the stress out of my client scheduling. I can accept PayPal payments right on the schedule so clients can pay for their appointment when they try to schedule it. Their customer service is very responsive. I have three different business, each of which is managed by SuperSaaS. It enables me to let my clients manage their own appointments so that I don’t have to manage appointments for 100+ people.

Deborah Linley, Certified Personal Trainer, Off the Wall LLC

SuperSaaS offers easy diary management. It provides a simple way to manage bookings and the system is easy to navigate. The best part is their great customer service. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an appointment scheduling system.

John Lattimore, Village Association Secretary, Little Stanion Village Association

Before finding your application, I tried to develop a reservation database on Access but I discovered that web publication is a total nightmare. Then, I discovered your online reservation application. It is just simply fantastic. In a matter of a few hours, I was able to produce an amazing application that all my colleagues were pleased with.

We then published our web link in all our ads, so all participants were able to schedule themselves. Because of SuperSaaS, we saved an enormous amount of time. Thanks a lot for your great product!

P. Corsilli, PPO, Boucherville Elementary School

What’s really great is that the person who wants to make an appointment doesn’t have to log in. So many schedulers make one do this and this was the only one I found that didn’t and let me show when I was available.

Another feature which I really love is the ability to schedule appointments with, for example, an hour’s break in between. Perfect!

Sharon Perry, University of Bolton

I trailed many scheduling products before subscribing to SuperSaaS. SuperSaaS is the best by far, it really stands out. It has so much flexibility built in. You can tailor it to exactly what you need. It’s a powerful tool.

A great feature is being able to change what functions are called, e.g. users can be called employees or clients etc, appointments called meetings or bookings etc. This allows an organization to make it intuitive for their staff, which is often half the battle when creating a new process.

C J Ross, Manager, Government Department

We utilize the site to act as an online youth recreation field scheduler. It’s wonderful. Real-time updates for games and practices. The parks department in the township loves it as well because they get a report every day with games so they know which fields to prepare for games. We’ve been using it for 2 years now. Thanks for the great site.

Jeff Vincent, Palmer Soccer

We like the SuperSaaS schedule for booking our driving school students because it is a reasonably-priced product that provides a lot of flexibility for students to make and change their own bookings, usually with minimal assistance from us. Our students like it because they can see the real-time schedule for lesson availability, and it allows them to process their bookings at any time of the day even if our office is closed.

Kelly, Co-Owner of Archer’s Driving School

We are very pleased with SuperSaaS and your timely support! We will be allowing our clients to process a great number of booking reservations over the summer months and the ability to customize the fields and create a process flow that is both logical and intuitive is crucial to this success. Thanks again for such a marvelous system and your outstanding and timely attention to our queries!

Christopher, San Francisco Kayak & Adventures

Fantastic job! Your software is easy to learn, easy to use, and does just about everything I need it to. Thank you for making my work a whole lot easier.

Karolyn Andrews, Empire State College

Our staffing organization had always scheduled appointments the manual way – through calls and email. What a lifesaver SuperSaaS has been. In the months we have used it we have saved time and resources. The schedule is easy to administer and easy to use. I recommend this product for all looking for an appointment scheduling solution.

Ray Bevens, Computer Support Manager

I have an extremely large massage practice, and the amount of time that I spend calling people back, playing phone tag is such an enormous dilemma. Now I save an even greater amount of time letting my clients go home and schedule from there rather than the extra minutes writing out appointment cards.

Chris Frost, Christyl Touch Massage

The success of the swine flu response in the Republic of Ireland is due in no small part to the facility of being able to book online. That we were able to set this up and roll it out nationally in such a short space of time is a credit to SuperSaaS.

Paul McSweeney, Assistant National Director – Health Service Executive

We looked at many systems involving costly consulting, but all we really needed was SuperSaaS. Simple to configure, hosted by SuperSaaS, low cost, stream of new features, no downtime. Stavanger Tennis customer service and court utilization has increased considerably.

Jan Ivar Ljosland, Stavanger Tennis

I tried 4 other companies before I found SuperSaaS. They were a lot more expensive and as much as they tried to make their software work for my needs, it was obvious that their product was designed for other uses.

This service is perfect for our needs at Today’s Fitness Centers. Not only did it eliminate any and all problems with our reservation system but also tripled the attendance in our Spinning classes.

Olga Arnold, Today’s Fitness

I have been using SuperSaaS for approximately three years to schedule diving lessons for our driving school. It instantly became an effort free process. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who has needs for scheduling.

Mike Gordon, Kendal Green Driving School

The convenience and ease of SuperSaaS has been phenomenal and made my job a 100 times easier.

Happy Porecha Shroff, Georgia Psychiatry and Sleep

With the help of SuperSaaS, we were able to save hours of administration time, provide our athletes with 24h information regarding our hours of operation and gym availability, and optimize the use and efficiency of our training facility.

Bobbi Schram, Outperforme Athletics

We use SuperSaaS for booking everything from meeting rooms to bikes and all our staff comment on how easy and efficient it is to use!

Louise Shaw, Kent Union

The system works very well and patients love to book their own time and know they will not have to wait, especially during lunch hour for example.

Dr Trevor Tingate, Kirribilli Medical

Just the type of calendaring software we needed – easy to use, lots of features, and very affordable.

James Kurz, University High School

We are a bunch of different companies sharing offices and meeting rooms, and found SuperSaaS to be an easy and practical way to reserve rooms and other resources.

Paal Leveraas, Aha! Factory

I use SuperSaaS to schedule subjects for bargaining experiments. Instead of spending hours on scheduling, I spend just a few minutes for each experiment. Thanks, SuperSaaS!

Stephen R. Haptonstahl, Washington University

I run a computer lab for an urban school district. We used a pencil and paper scheduling system which was sometimes a hassle for teachers. Now, they easily schedule their lab time over the internet from the comfort of their classroom. It has made my job and theirs much easier.

Marilyn Case, Cohoes Middle School

Seamlessly keeps us from running into one another. A great product!

Riaz Virani, Affinity Lab

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