Put a booking widget on your website

Integrate your appointment schedule into your own site using a “widget”. The booking widget appears integrated in your site, either inside a frame or as a button that shows the widget when clicked.

With a widget, users can only see availability and create appointments. To allow changing or deleting appointments you would use an integration via a link which redirects people to the full SuperSaaS app. By default, the email confirmation contains a link to your schedule, so your users can create an appointment via the widget and use the link in the mail for updating.

Choose a Button or a Frame

Choose widget type

General Settings

Customize widget

Code snippet to put on your site Copy

After you’ve set up at least one schedule in your account, a code snippet will appear here. You can copy it to the place on your website where you want the widget to appear.

This widget only works on modern browsers. If you want to support users with an older browser then you could use an integration via a link instead.