Online scheduling system for workforce planning

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Optimize your workforce planning and scheduling

Tailored for resource management

Efficiently manage employee schedules, shift patterns, and project assignments. Customize the system for various roles, departments, and project needs. Allow clients to select a slot where a specific type of employee is available.

Seamless integration

Automatically sync workforce schedules with the team’s calendar apps. Utilize SMS or email for shift confirmations, reminders, and schedule changes.

Affordable for any business size

Starting at just $ 9 per month, our scalable solution supports businesses of all sizes. Paid plans simply include all features.

Example of a SuperSaaS schedule on a computer for workforce planning
Example of a SuperSaaS schedule on a mobile device for workforce planning
Example of a SuperSaaS widget-type schedule on a tablet device for workforce planning

Features of our workforce planning software

Staff self-booking

Save time by pre-defining how and when staff can book or reschedule slots in your schedule without your involvement

Adapts to your business

All the functionality you need for workforce planning such as defining different types of shifts, such as regular shifts, on-call shifts, or overtime shifts

Custom layout & forms

Completely customize the layout and ask specific information that you need as part of a booking, such as required employee skills, certifications or preferences

Add to your website

Integrate your appointment schedule on your own (responsive) website e.g., via JavaScript or WordPress plugin and match to your branding

Confirmations & reminders

Confirm bookings and send reminders by e-mail or SMS so no one forgets. Receive notifications when changes are made

Your business, your rules

Whether you want to set cancellation policies, booking rules, or special discounts, SuperSaaS allows you to control every aspect of your scheduling process

Many payment options

Ask customers to pay at the time of bookings, or send an invoice afterwards, through your own payment provider

Combine or synchronize calendars

Let the availability of staff depend on another calendar, such as their personal Google or Outlook calendar or combine schedules into one

Calendar customization galore

Add clients to a waiting list, add buffer time, create recurring appointments

User management

Set separate access levels for team members or create user groups with access to specific schedules

Reporting & analytics

Gain insights in your bookings or export to a different program, such as Excel

Security & reliability

Your data is safe and stored GDPR-compliant, with automatic backups and 24/7 monitoring

The advantages of online workforce planning and scheduling systems

Empower your workforce to schedule shifts 24/7 online

Utilize online scheduling software to allow your employees to select shifts, request time off, or swap shifts with colleagues at any time. This automation saves managerial time, ensures optimal staffing levels, and enhances employee satisfaction.

  • Optimize staffing: cover shifts while staff choose which shifts best fit their schedules.
  • Flexible shift management: enable easy shift changes and cancellations within predetermined time frames to adapt to fluctuating demand.
  • Minimize absenteeism: send automatic shift confirmations and reminders to reduce no-shows and last-minute absences.
  • Recurring schedules: create repeating shifts so staff can sign up for multiple shifts at once.
SuperSaaS schedule on a laptop

Unlocking new efficiency and engagement opportunities

Automate administrative tasks related to payment and scheduling, freeing up time to focus on strategic workforce management and employee engagement.

  • Dynamic scheduling: implement flexible scheduling rules to manage peak times, employee preferences, and leave requests efficiently.
  • Resource allocation: easily assign necessary resources like equipment or vehicles to specific shifts.
  • Event-based staffing: use the system to manage staffing for special events, ensuring adequate coverage for high-demand occasions.
Two colleagues in white office

Tailored for modern workforce management needs

Informed by the challenges of contemporary workforce management, our system is designed to streamline scheduling, enhance communication, and improve employee engagement, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

  • Manage multiple locations: keep an overview as your business grows, linking employees to their respective locations. Add new locations anytime without any extra cost and grow your business with more bookings.
  • Scalability: no limit on the number of employees or shifts, allowing for seamless expansion and adaptation to business needs.
  • Collect staff details: add a registration form to collect personal data, salary information, and emergency contact details for all your employees or temporary workforce.
SuperSaaS schedule on a smartphone

Easily add online booking to your website

Integrate a button or a schedule on your website or use it stand-alone
Works just as well on desktop as on mobile
Adjust the look & feel to match your site
OptiStaff Solutions
Let’s work
OptiStaff Solutions
Let’s work

Let’s hear what our customers have to say

Our staffing organization had always scheduled appointments the manual way – through calls and email. What a lifesaver SuperSaaS has been. In the months we have used it we have saved time and resources. The schedule is easy to administer and easy to use. I recommend this product for all looking for an appointment scheduling solution.

Ray Bevens, Computer Support Manager
Our scheduling service is used for:
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Talent Management Consulting
  • Strategic Workforce Planning Services
  • Workforce Analytics and Forecasting
  • HR Technology Solutions
  • Organizational Development Consulting
  • Workforce Optimization Services
  • and more…

The benefits for your business

Increased efficiency

Automating the booking process removes the need for someone to manually take calls and coordinate schedules, saving time and reducing human error such as double bookings.

Better service

Instant appointment booking at any time eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication. This kind of self-service capability is usually preferred in today’s digital world.

Decreased No-shows

Automatic reminders through emails or text messages significantly cuts down on forgotten or missed appointments, making sure that your business operates at maximum capacity.