Classen Tag Agency - Driver License, State ID & REAL ID

PLEASE NOTE: No appointment is necessary for motor vehicle related transactions (tag renewal, vehicle registration, ownership transfer, titles & liens...)


  • Appointment slots are for the next business day and become available daily at 5pm.
  • Make sure you select the correct day which should be the next business day.  
  • Make sure to refresh the page occasionally to verify current info is displayed.
  • If the message "No available space found" appears, then all appointment slots are full for that day (or it's prior to 5pm and that day is not yet available for booking).
  • If the time slot you chose won't allow you to finish, simply close the appointment window and choose another time slot.
  • Once all appointment slots are booked, no further appointments will be available until the next weekday's close of business.
  • Appointments will occasionally be booked in advance due to rescheduling.
  • Appointments are free of charge.
  • Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes early for your appointment in order to fill out forms.
  • You must go to Service OK first for the following: Original Oklahoma Driver License or ID (meaning you have not been issued an Oklahoma Driver License or ID in the last 3 years), Original CDL or a Temporary License
  • See Information & Requirements for REAL ID - Click Here