Das PowerHaus Class Schedule

Pilates REFORMER: This piece of Pilates equipment will help you not only to lengthen and strengthen your body, but will also help improve posture, core stability and overall strength and well-being. 
800 THB per session (with 5 or 10 Card purchase) 1000 THB/drop in

Pilates MAT: The Mat class incorporates the key principles of Pilates including control, center, flow, precision and breathing. The exercises are often combined with props such as the ball, circle and/or roll. 
400 THB/Session (with 10 card purchase) FIRST SESSION FREE!

Personal Training: 1500 THB (with 10 card purchase), 2000 THB drop in

Please read cancellation policy in reservation confirmation email!!

Joanna: 089 846 6610 or joanna.morstadt@gmail.com

For Muay Thai, Strength, Circuit training etc. please contact Maurice.

Maurice: 0932514555 or awuypm@protonmail.com