Lappis Family Room schedule

Please take a moment to read all the information below.

Bookings are available only one month in advance.

Key return: Sunday 19:00 at A5B (Living Room)

Key pick-up: Sunday 19:15 at A5B (Living Room)


If you don’t come to pick the key at the right time, you will lose your booking.
If you don’t come to return the key at the right time, you will lose 200kr from your deposit.

Facility details:
●    Address: Amunuesvägen 5B
●    Maximum people capacity at a time: 20
●    Usage hours: 09:00 – 22:00

●    Price: Free.  Deposit: 800 kr (cash or swish) + copy of ID (physical or digital)

Contract Prerequisites:
1.    The tenant has a valid Lappkärrsberget tenancy agreement with SSSB
2.    The tenant has paid the necessary deposit.

More information:

The Family room is a small venue where you can have quiet get-togethers with your friends or family. The place is perfect for dinner parties, meetings, children’s birthday parties. The room is in a residential building and therefore loud parties are not allowed on the premises.

A maximum number of 20 people can use the place and there are tables and chairs that accommodate this amount of people. There is a small kitchen with stove plates and various kitchenware. We have an indoor shoes policy: you are welcome to use our slippers or please bring your indoor shoes.

If you have any questions email us on or contact us on our Instagram page livingroomlappis

If you fail to follow the rules, you will lose your deposit.