Schedule for Family Room

Welcome to the Lappis Family Room. Please, read the following information:
Bookings are available only one week in advance. This means that, after the key return and pickup on Monday, the booking for the following week will open.
Only one booking per week is allowed per person.

Facility details:
●    Address: Amanuensvägen 5B
●    Maximum people capacity at a time: 20
●    Usage hours: 10:00 – 22:00

●    The room can only be used for relaxed meetings, dinner parties, children's birthday parties and similar quiet gatherings. Parties with loud music and for-profit activities are strictly prohibited.
●    After 10 pm loud music is not allowed, as the place is in a residential building
●    Deposit: 1000 kr cash + Show ID + tenancy agreement upon key pickup

Contract Prerequisites:
1.    The tenant has a valid tenancy agreement with SSSB 
2.    The tenant has paid the necessary deposit.

1.    Take responsibility to keep the premises clean and return it in the state you found it. 
2.    Report any anomaly / damage to the premise or its equipment before and after usage.
3.    Always use a moderate volume. The renter is liable for any noise complaint fines, which are 1700kr.
4.    Using the room outside of the specified day and hours will result in loss of the deposit and ban from using the room again.

The keys are handed out each week on Sunday at 16:00 at Amanuensvägen 5B.