Schedule for Studio Pica

You can book Studio Pica one month in advance. No earlier than that.

Facility details:

●    Address: Forskarbacken 14
●    Maximum people capacity at a time: 50
●    Usage hours: The Renter may use the premises between 14:00 on the day of renting of the premises until 12:00 the following day
●    Price: 500 kr.  Deposit: 4000 kr

Contract Prerequisites:
1.    The tenant has a valid tenancy agreement with SSSB.
2.    The tenant has paid the necessary fee and deposit.
3.    The tenant has signed and agreed to the contract.

1.    Take responsibility to keep the premises clean and return it to the state it was before using it.
2.    Report any anomaly / damage to the premise or its equipment before and after usage.
3.    Keep the door closed. The renter is liable for any noise complaint fines, which are at least 2334kr.
4.    Using the room outside of the specified conditions, including times, noise, and maximum people capacity, will result in loss of deposit.
5.    It is not allowed to sell alcohol in or outside of Studio Pica.
6.    Charging any kind of entrance fee is not permitted, only with special agreement of Studio Pica.

7. Loud music is allowed until 22:00. You can use studio pica until midnight. 

-Once you make a booking, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes the payment details.

-You sign a contract the same day you get the keys.

-You are advised to read the contract beforehand.

-You can find the contract on this link: Studio Pica Booking Contract