Schedule for the Together for Beauty Summit


This is the schedule for only the sessions of the Together for Beauty event that will be streamed live online. To get the full schedule for the in-person experience, click here

The blue-colored time slots for the presentation sessions follow this structure:
-> 20min - presentation
-> 15min- Q&A with the speaker (post questions in the chat during the presentations)
-> 15min - Networking session in groups of 5 (Each starts with shortly introducing themselves and sharing their main takeaway from the session and an action step for 1-2 minutes. After that, discuss freely what seems to be the main focus of the group)

-> 10min - Break 

The orange-colored sessions on June 5 will be streamed on Facebook LIVE in the Together For Beauty Marketplace group. Click here to join the group
If you don't use Facebook, it will also be streamed on YouTube LIVE at the Composers for Beauty Page here.

The red slots are concerts.

The green slots show the time when we will be streaming the winning compositions and visual art from our recent Composers for Beauty contest. 

All of these sessions use the same link:

Passcode - 034542 

Quesitons or comments? Contact us at