Operation Community Cats Spay Neuter Schedule

Welcome to the OCC spay/neuter scheduling site. Feral cats will receive a sedated exam, surgical spay or neuter under anesthesia, ear tipping and pain medication during surgery. Feral cats arriving in boxes, containers, or pet carriers will not be accepted! Cats must arrive in a humane live trap, unless you've signed up for a tame cat appointment. If you trap two cats in one trap, you must bring an empty trap for the second cat to be transferred to.

Check out traps ahead of time, tie the flap open, and feed ONLY In the traps about a week prior to your appointment. Add a towel or something comfy inside the bottom of the trap and a cover over the top to keep the cat calm. These measures will contribute to your successful trapping. More info: http://www.boiseid.net/TrappingInstructions.pdf

To get started, click on the calendar date, scroll down, click on the time, and complete the required fields.