Consulate General of Greece in Toronto - Passport Department

Welcome to the Passport Department of the Consulate General of Greece in Toronto.

You can schedule an appointment by clicking on the "+" sign on any of the available timeslots. Each timeslot should be used for one applicant only, so please make multiple reservations in case other members of your family are also applying. 

Prior to your appointment, please consult our website and make sure you have all necessary supporting documents, in particular:

1) Two recent (month-old) colour photographs, complying with the technical requirements of the Hellenic Police. Please pay attention to the photo requirements, as these differ from Canadian ones

2) Your Greek ID card. If you don't have one, we will conduct a query in the Greek National Registry on your behalf, prior to your appointment. 

3) Your old Greek passport, if you have one.

Please note, that the application form will be provided to you at your appointment in the Consulate General. The applicable fees  can be paid only at the Consulate, in cash, in Canadian dollars at the exchange rate on the date of your appointment.  

Please don't use this scheduler If you are not a Greek citizen but would like to obtain information about claiming Greek citizenship. In this case, please first consult the appropriate section our website and then contact the vital records department