View the intro video, look at a slide show or try out a working appointment booking system in one of the demos below.

Fitness class booking

Book a Fitness Class

  • Shows a reservation system that allows multiple bookings per time period
  • Automatically adds a waiting list to full slots
  • Can be used for: Seminars, Classes, Tennis courts and more
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Schedule an Appointment with a Therapist

  • Shows an appointment calendar suitable for one reservation at a time
  • Adds a grid to indicate time periods that are still available
  • Can be used for: Hair salons, Driving schools, Piano lessons and more
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Bed & Breakfast reservations

Make a reservation for a Holiday Home

  • Shows a month calendar with booking on day basis
  • Automatically calculates the price while booking
  • Can be used for: Property rental, Guesthouses and more
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Golf tournament signup

Register for a Golf Tournament

  • Shows a simple sign up form for single events
  • Can easily be extended, for example to add credit card payments
  • Can be used for: Conferences, Events, Concerts and more
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Meeting room reservations

Reserve a Meeting Room

  • Shows an appointment calendar with variable appointment length
  • View the calendar by day, week, month or for a single room
  • Can be used for: Car pooling, Time shares, Event calendars and more
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