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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SuperSaaS?
SuperSaaS offers web-based scheduling software that can be used from any browser without the need to install any software. It can be used to easily build a flexible appointment calendar to put on your own site. You do not need to know anything about programming to set a booking system up yourself; you can just construct one by picking options from interactive web pages. You can create a free account to try it out or look at a tour of the features.
Q: Is SuperSaaS suitable for my needs?
Usually the answer is yes. SuperSaaS was built to be extremely flexible, so it fits many different scheduling needs in business, education and elsewhere. Rather than exhaustively summing up all possible features and applications, we would encourage you to play around with a free account to see if you can make the system do what you need.
Q: How much does it cost?
The site is free to try out and you are welcome to keep using the free service for private and non-commercial use. If you are using the free version then advertisements are displayed and the site has a few limitations. Details can be found in the price list.
Q: Do I need to have my own website?
Typically people put a "click here to book" link on their own website that links to their SuperSaaS schedule. But there are several other options if you not have a website. The link to your schedule is a normal web link, so you could, for example, e-mail it around, or you can put the link on twitter or on your Facebook page.
Q: How do I get started?
All you need is a web browser. Simply sign up for a free account and use the schedule set up wizard to get going. You may also want to follow along with one of the tutorials. Once you are happy with the result you can share the link to your appointment schedule so people can start using it. There is no need to subscribe to the paid version until you've confirmed everything works as intended.
Q: Do you have a mobile app?
When you (or your clients) visit a schedule with a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android, the system will automatically show a version optimized for handheld devices. You can also display your calendar as an "App" on the home screen of an iPad or iPhone, see the information on mobile devices for details.
Q: Is my confidential data safe on your systems?
SuperSaaS is currently in use by several medical institutions in the United States and in other countries. Because our business depends on their continued satisfaction we take security and resilience very seriously. Our servers are located in a state of the art datacenter with 24/7 monitoring and fully redundant links to the world's largest Internet exchange. The system is backed up automatically at regular intervals to two different locations. In addition we are in full compliance with the European Union Data Protection Directive. SuperSaaS has not had any unscheduled downtime since the start of the operation several years ago.
Q: In the demo I can see the names other people, can I keep my information private?
Yes, of course, you are able to specify precisely what information other users can see in the configuration. So your customers' names would not be visible to anyone unless you choose so. Note that when you are logged in as administrator you will always be able to see all details, so to confirm that it is working as intended you should look at your schedule pretending to be a regular user.
Q: I am a web developer; can I buy SuperSaaS for a customer?
You are welcome to resell our service and are free to add customizations or additional services using our API. For details and pricing see the partner programs page. The software is not for sale for installation on your own server.
Q: Can I handle payment through your website?
Yes, you can set up the reservation system to request payment before confirming an appointment. The financial transaction is handled through PayPal, so you will need a PayPal account (but your customers do not need to have a PayPal account). There is also support for handling payments yourself if you do not want to use PayPal. You can look at the payment tutorial to learn more.
Q: Which browsers are supported? Will it work on a mobile phone?
SuperSaaS has been confirmed to work on Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. That's basically every browser out there, so you don't have to worry whether it will work properly on the computer of your end users. In addition SuperSaaS will detect when a mobile device is used and display a version optimized for devices such as the iPhone, Android or Blackberry.
Q: What languages do you support? When will SuperSaaS be available in my language?
The text that the end-user can encounter, such as the appointment pages and confirmation e-mails, is available in 26 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Polish, Hebrew and Thai. The screens with administrator settings are only translated for seven of those languages and will display in English for the others. If your language is not yet listed and you would like to assist us with a translation you are welcome to contact us.
Q: I tried to sign up but didn't get the confirmation e-mail
Our messages sometimes get lost in spam filters. Things you can try: (1) check your spam folder, (2) wait a little while, it may still show up (3) sign up again with a different e-mail address.
Q: Can I use SuperSaaS to build a reservation system for a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast?
Yes, for a small hotel or Bed and Breakfast SuperSaaS will work fine. Please look at the accommodations tutorial that gives a detailed example on how to set this up.
Q: What does the name SuperSaaS mean?
SaaS is an acronym for "Software as a Service" and we aim to provide a Self-service site for commodity utilities, hence a supermarket for SaaS. Also, in computer science, a super class is a piece of software from which other programs are derived: you use this site to configure software for others to use.
Q: I would really like your site to do X. Can you implement it?
Feel free to submit a feature request. We do aim to give you maximum flexibility and we like to be many things to many people, but we cannot be everything to all people. Implementing highly specialized features for the benefit of a few people would degrade the user experience for others. So we only select features that would be useful to wide range of customers.
Q: Can I convert the data that I have in custom application X to your scheduling service?
Only user information can be imported at the moment, appointments you have in another system cannot be imported yet. You can synchronize free/busy information with Google calendar. We intend to expand this functionality at a later time.
Q: Can I use my own domain name with my schedule instead of
Yes, you can have your own domain name point to SuperSaaS, or a sub-domain such as "". Instructions on how to set this up can be found in the "Custom URL" tutorial. In addition you can adapt the layout of your schedule to match your own site. Alternatively, you can run SuperSaaS inside a frame on your own site so it looks like it is integrated.
Q: I can make an appointment on my own calendar, but my clients cannot
Your access settings may not be correct. The are two places to set the access level: The "Access Control" page for your account determines who can sign up and the "Access" tab of the configuration screen for each calendar determines who can make or change appointments. It is a good idea to log out as administrator and try the site as a regular visitor to see if it works as intended. Also note that if you are using a "capacity" type schedule, then your customers can only book in places where you've created empty slots beforehand. If you want your clients to be able to book anywhere within opening hours then you will want to use a "resource" type schedule instead.

Billing and Payment Questions

Q: What happens if I exceed the appointment limit for my account?
If you exceed the maximum number of appointments allowed for your account the system will notify you by e-mail. You then have three days to either upgrade the account or reduce the number of appointments. If you still exceed your limit after three days the system will no longer accept new appointments until the situation is rectified. All other functionality remains unchanged. So you, and your users, can still view and edit appointments that have already been entered.
Q: My subscription payment failed, will my appointments be deleted?
SuperSaaS will under no circumstance remove your upcoming appointments, not even if your subscription gets cancelled. If a payment fails it will simply be retried a few days later and if it fails again you will receive several days grace period to re-subscribe. After that your account will be blocked from making new appointments until the situation is rectified, it will otherwise remain functional.
Q: My subscription got cancelled due to a payment problem, what should I do?
If your subscription was cancelled, either accidentally or on purpose, you can simply re-subscribe on the "Subscription Status" page. If you had any time left from a previous subscription you may want to check that this is accurately reflected during signup. The time credit can sometimes be slow to update, feel free contact customer service to expedite the process.
Q: Can I pay for SuperSaaS other than through PayPal?
Payment for SuperSaaS is via PayPal only, sorry. Creating a PayPal account is free and PayPal works with several different methods of payment, including credit cards. The advantage of using PayPal for the customer is that you do not have to give us any of your payment details and you can stop the subscription payments to us at any time from your PayPal account. If your institution does not allow PayPal to be used then perhaps a solution could be to get a local contractor to make the PayPal payments, and invoice you for that service.
Q: Can you send me an invoice?
SuperSaaS subscriptions can only be paid via PayPal. After payment is received an invoice for your administration can be found on the "Subscription Status" page inside your account.
Q: How can I change the credit card I use to pay my subscription?
Be careful, if you simply remove your old credit card from your PayPal account and then later add a new one, PayPal will have cancelled your subscription in the mean time. To avoid this you need to (1) First add your new card, (2) Find your existing subscription in the "history" screen, (3) Change the funding source on your existing subscription to the new card, (4) Then it is safe to remove the old card.
Q: How can I change the PayPal account I use to pay my subscription?
If you want to change to a different PayPal account then you need to first cancel the existing subscription from the old PayPal account and then re-subscribe using the new PayPal account. See the next question on how to cancel a subscription, a new subscription can be started from the "Subscription Status" screen inside your account. Your SuperSaaS account will not be affected in any way if subscribe again before the end of the payment term. The system takes into account what has already been paid so there is no need to wait until the end of the term.
Q: How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time from your PayPal account, which you can find by logging in on the cancellation page. This will downgrade your account to the free version at the end of your current payment term. If you want to completely remove your account and all associated data then you can do so on that same page once the account has reverted to the free version. If you no longer have access to the PayPal account you can let us know and we can cancel it from our end.