Advantages of using Online Appointment Scheduling

  • Always available: Your customers can make an appointment 24/7
  • Less time on the phone: More self-service means fewer customer enquiries
  • Easy to use: Nothing to install, no servers or backups to worry about
  • No need for your own site: Use our site or integrate it with your own site
  • Great value: SuperSaaS offers more options for less money than other solutions

Customize it any way you want

SuperSaaS is extremely flexible, you can change it to behave as a simple online calendar or as a complete appointment booking system.

  • Make it work like you do: You can enforce appointments to fall inside opening hours and outside holidays. You have detailed control over what information is entered with each appointment and you can specify who gets notified when something changes.
  • Control access: You decide who gets to see your schedule and who can make changes to it, with finely grained details such as how long in advance appointments can be canceled.
  • Change the layout: You can change the logo and color scheme to match the style of your own website and set custom messages for any of the informational dialogs. So your customers don’t have to realize they are not on your own site.
  • Integrate with your business: You can download appointment overviews into applications such as Outlook or Excel and download information from your users for direct mail purposes.
Schedule month view

Everything Always Online

Using software over the internet has more advantages than just saving IT costs.

  • Work from anywhere: You can work from home or office, whichever is more convenient. Our servers are situated in advanced data centers to ensure reliable and speedy access.
  • Clients work for you: Clients can make and change their own appointments and the system can ensure that forms are properly filled in, which saves you time.
  • Assign superusers: You can assign “superuser” status to someone to give him access to additional options, such as resetting lost passwords for others.
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SuperSaaS is Self-Service Software

Our whole process is fully automated, so you can reach your account 24/7 wherever you have an internet connection. Don’t let the term “self-service” scare you off, getting your scheduling application to run just involves clicking through web pages with lots of help along the way. And you can change options as often as you like, while your appointment calendar remains up and running. Feel free to experiment with a free account to see how easy it is.

Try a free account or choose a paid plan

The site is free to try out and for non-commercial use. While you are using the free version advertisements are displayed but the site has few limitations otherwise. Details can be found in the price list.

Integrate a schedule into your own site

The simplest form of integration is to send your customers over to our site to use your schedule. You can customize the design of our schedules to fit with your own site (or a site you are designing for someone else). But you can also choose more advanced forms of integration. You can put a schedule inside a frame on your own site and modify the web address and email address to display your own name. If your site has its own login system then you can even ensure that people are automatically logged into our site with the same user name and password.

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