Manage queues and office space online in times of Corona

Set up availability, let customers book time slots online and reduce lines.

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How to manage online queues

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Online queue management for your organization

Manage your customer flow and reduce waiting time by letting people sign up online beforehand. Set up time slots and let people choose a time to come to your store. Your customers will be happy to avoid standing in line and you will be happy to save time. If customers are already at your store, you can let them sign up on the spot, so you will always know how many customers are inside.
Hairdressers, Salons, Fitness studios
Let customers sign up for appointments online with ease. By setting up a Buffer Time in your SuperSaaS schedule, appointments won’t overlap. This way, you can make sure that customers do not cross each other in your place of work.
Create a balance for your employees between working from home and working in the office and use SuperSaaS to manage the occupation in offices. You can set the capacity per day and let your staff book the days they want to come in.
Nursing homes
Manage visits and reduce risks by asking visitors to schedule a time online. This way you can spread out the visitation and avoid rush hours in the nursing home.
Nursing home
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Our customers make us blush

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SuperSaaS is different from many other providers, there customers service is excellent, they get back to you very quickly and resolve issues very quickly. SuperSaaS integrates well with many payment providers and allows integrations via Zapier. And it offers great value for money.

Samantha Bailey, K9 Confidential

SuperSaaS is an integral part of our business. It is easy to use, provides flexible payment options and handles volume of bookings. All our students book our classes with our online booking system which reduces our admin work. SuperSaaS is an ideal system for small and growing businesses.

Lisbeth P, Cowichan Canine

SuperSaaS is user-friendly and easy for an administrator to add and maintain classes/sessions. I like that they maintain the history of the session for a given period of time. It helps when needing to go back and see if a specific person took that session. SuperSaaS makes it easier to record class entries instead of manually tracking registration via emails.

Matthew S, Trainer

Online Scheduling Software to manage your Customer Flow

Schedule on any device
  • Reduce queues on-site by letting customers sign up beforehand
  • Manage how many customers are inside at a time automatically
  • Customize to your business needs for any situation
  • Allow customers to schedule and manage their appointments even outside working hours
  • Add customers that show up on the spot without hassle
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