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SuperSaaS is the simplest way to schedule your meetings without wasting time on back-and-forth emails. A meeting scheduling system that works to keep you productive and your calendar fully booked. Works well for sales & marketing teams, account managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, customer service teams, counselors and anyone looking for a flexible and easy-to-use meeting scheduling solution.

Flexible and integrated meeting scheduling system

Send reminder messagesSend automated reminders

Never forget a meeting or important follow-up message with automated email/text reminders and notifications

Connect multiple calendarsConnect multiple calendars

Utilize your time effectively by setting up meetings in small, unproductive time slots by synchronizing your personal/work calendar

Always stay flexibleOptimized for all devices

Access your schedule anytime, anywhere across multiple devices without any installation and integrate easily into your organization’s website

Webhooks and APIEasy integration

Connect with your favorite marketing or CRM software and capture relevant customer information with custom-designed forms

Easy to customize and works worldwide

  • Flexible schedule types: Create a schedule with individual meeting slots or allow multiple users to schedule the same slot for group meetings
  • Minimum scheduling notice: Give yourself enough time to prepare for meetings, and restrict how long in advance your users have to book on your schedule
  • Automatic time zone detection: Time zones across the world are automatically updated by the system so that everyone is ready at the same time
  • Add buffer time between meetings: Add buffer time in between meetings to enable reps to prepare for calls, use time at the end of the call to schedule next steps, update CRM or prepare proposals
  • Integrate your schedule in your website: Drive inbound bookings with schedule embedded on your website. Sales representatives can also share their booking links in their emails to encourage prospects and clients to book a meeting at a time that suits them, directly into their calendar
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Better relationships with prospects and customers
Develop better relationships with prospects and customers
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Forget back and forth emails and schedule your meetings faster
  • Custom event timesAllow users to book exactly at the specific times you request
  • Approve bookings on your schedule Receive text reminders every time a booking is created on your schedule and approve the booking per your convenience
  • Customizable notifications Share important documents or links and ensure your communications give all the information your customers may need
  • White label SuperSaaS Make the scheduling experience consistent with your brand to make it relevant to you and your business by customizing brand details like URL, brand logo, colors and more
  • Team wide pageDisplay your entire company/department’s availability on one convenient page and allow your users to choose a specific team member they’d like to meet from your staff
  • Recurring appointments Automatically allow customers to create recurring bookings on your schedule by customizing the frequency of the recurring appointment
  • Collective scheduling Allow users to schedule slots simultaneously with multiple team members or automatically distribute the consultation session among multiple team members for consultation sessions
  • We speak your languageCustomers love our system which speaks their language, and SuperSaaS is available in more than 35 languages worldwide so your customers find it easy to communicate with your schedule
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Our customers make us blush

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SuperSaaS automates the processes of taking customer purchase info and applying credit to their accounts. It allows my customers to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments at their convenience without contacting me. It automatically syncs with my calendar and with multiple calendars within SuperSaaS, removing the burden from me of blocking off times when I’m unavailable.

Megan M, Freelancer

It helps me save time. I add a link in my email signature or simply send a request for a meeting with my schedule link. It allows people to choose a time that suits them. It is a huge time saver and helps my clients feel they are in control. I like the flexibility and configuration options available in SuperSaaS.

Maria Lizak, Financial Services

I have researched well over 200 scheduling systems in depth. There is nothing that compares with this system. The peace of mind I get from it’s ease of use and reliability is worth it’s weight in gold. Over the years they have been researching and implementing improvements consistently. Highly recommended!

Scarlett Moulder, Business Owner, Topic Time