SuperSaaS subprocessor list


Last updated: January 2021

Third-Party Subprocessors

SuperSaaS engages the third-party entities in the table below to perform limited activities in connection with our service. The table shows what activity each entity performs and the service provided.

We currently use third-party Subprocessors to provide infrastructure services, the subprocessors do not have direct access to the Customer Data stored or processed by our service. Prior to engaging any third-party Subprocessor, we evaluate their privacy, security and confidentiality practices. We also require Subprocessors to be bound by written agreements that require them to provide at least the same level of data protection in all material respects as we offer.

List of Subprocessors
Entity nameRelevant serviceCountry where processing
is performed
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud Service Provider – Infrastructure and StorageIreland
Worldstream B.V.Infrastructure provider – dedicated serversThe Netherlands