Status Messages

This page lists all possible status codes that bookings can have. It can be useful to filter messages on their status, for example when using webhooks. The status message appears in email messages and if you hover the mouse over the status symbol, translated to the current locale.

ValueSymbolStatus MessageExplanation
2PPending approvalThe booking is awaiting approval from the administrator
4PPayment authorization pendingThe booking’s credit card or manual payment is awaiting approval from the administrator
6Payment in progress…The booking is in the checkout process. Unless it is approved or cancelled within 15 minutes the system will automatically conclude that the user never completed the transaction and move it to the trash. (It will be recovered from the trash if it does come in after 15 minutes)
10LPay laterThe user selected the “Pay Later” option (if available)
11?Unknown status code receivedAn unrecognized response was received from the payment gateway (should not happen)
21PPPayment pending at payment providerThis code can be present on some forms of automatic payment, such as PayPal’s eCheck, that take several days approve
31+?Payment received but fraud check failedAll payment messages are sent back to the payment provider to confirm that the message has not been tampered with. This code indicates that the check failed
35+PPayment received but reverted by administratorAutomatic payment came in through the payment provider, but the administrator clicked “Revert”
40TCancelled due to time outThis means the booking was abandoned during the checkout process, for example because the user closed the browser window. It will be in the trash
42CUser cancelledThe user deleted the booking, it will be in the trash
44CAdministrator cancelledThe administrator deleted the booking, it will be in the trash
46CPayment was cancelledThe user cancelled the booking during the checkout process, it will be in the trash
50Rejected by administratorSimilar to “Administrator cancelled”, but used when approval was required instead of payment
52Payment failedPayment for a booking that was previously in the “Pending at payment provider” state has been denied
56RPayment was refundedThe administrator refunded the payment connected to this booking at his payment provider. The system moves the booking to the trash, even on partial refunds
90+CUser was approved but cancelledAdministrator approved the booking, but the user deleted it. It will be in the trash
91+CUser paid but cancelledThe payment provider approved the payment, but the user deleted it. It will be in the trash
94−RAdministrator reversed approvalThe administrator deleted an approved booking
95−RAdministrator reversed paymentThe administrator deleted a booking even though payment came in through the payment provider previously
100+Approved The administrator, or a superuser, approved this booking
102+Payment received by administrator The administrator approved the manual or credit card payment for this booking
104±©Approved (unlimited credit) On a booking with credit, the bookings of a user with unlimited credit will get this setting. The administrator always has unlimited credit
106Paid with credit If a user has enough credit for a booking, the booking will be approved with this status
108©Paid with coupon The user paid with a coupon that covered the full amount
115(+)Payment received, verification did not complete Payment message received correctly from the payment provider but we were unable to verify the message (e.g. congestion at PayPal’s server)
117(+)Payment received, amount mismatch Payment received but some fields appear to mismatch with those in the booking
121+Payment received Payment from payment provider successfully received

Bookings only get a status if payment or approval settings are enabled for a schedule, so it’s possible for a schedule to have both bookings with and without a status code if the settings was recently changed.