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We hope the past year has been as good for you as it’s been for us and that our newsletter finds you well. We have continued to improve, build and refine, adding many new features to SuperSaaS. Because our customers are the inspiration for much of our creative work, you may have even requested one of them. Read on to find out about some new and improved ways in which SuperSaaS can help you schedule your life.

A stylish new interface for phones and tablets

While SuperSaaS was one of the first companies to offer a mobile optimized website in 2008, the look was beginning to feel a bit, shall we say, Spartan. We re-designed it from scratch to boost performance on tablets. Our revamped mobile version is now available. The responsive, modern design optimizes the view depending on the user’s screen size. New icons and color options offer an updated look and feel and increased user-friendliness.

New mobile interface

We know many of our customers are happy with the original layout, so the upgrade is not automatic. You can switch on the new look on the Layout Settings page by enabling the option “Use modern design on mobile devices”. If you prefer the old school interface, no need to worry; we’ll keep it around for you.

Your ingenuity and feedback have led to many new features

Many of you took the time to let us know about the enhancements you would like to see. Thank you! We’re excited to tell you about a few of the more prominent ones that made it in.

  • Follow up email. You can now send a follow up email asking people for feedback, or to remind them to come again. By setting the “follow up” time in the past it can also be used as a second reminder. More info
  • More payment gateways. Not everyone is a fan of PayPal it seems, so we have added, and as alternative ways of collecting payment. Collectively they accept just about any currency, including Bitcoin. More info
  • Webhooks. Webhooks are user-defined callbacks that inform other websites about events happening on your SuperSaaS account. Though this might sound a little daunting, you don’t have to be a programmer to use them: allows you to easily create links between SuperSaaS and hundreds of well-known websites such as MailChimp, Google Docs and More info
  • Advanced coupon options. Coupons gained a few options, including the ability to lock a coupon to a specific class or resource, and to limit it to a particular time of the day. More info
  • Customizable SMS. You can now modify the content of an SMS text message with “magic words”. It also includes an option to remove the pre-generated default text. More info
  • Non-bookable slots. Close off a class or show it as a note on the schedule by setting the capacity on a group schedule to zero. You can still add bookings there yourself. You can also specify unlimited capacity by entering a dash.
  • Many smaller improvements: More magic words, more currencies, more languages available (now 29 in total), an option to limit users per month, and an option to automatically delete users who have not logged in for a while.

On top of this, a lot of under the hood work has been going on that won’t be immediately apparent. For example, the site is now “AJAX based”, which means it’s much faster on modern browsers and we are using geo-aware servers, so that you will get information from a server close to you, which should be faster too.

Our customers continue to find surprising ways to use SuperSaaS

One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is seeing the many different and creative ways our customers put our system to use around the world.

Many people first get acquainted with SuperSaaS when they use it to schedule a dog training course or to organize a parent/teacher meeting. It turns out that once people figure out the convenience of online scheduling they start using it for purposes outside their business as well.

Inventive users

Organizations of all sizes are using SuperSaaS to schedule anything from corporate meeting rooms to remote healing. The US Coast Guard is using SuperSaaS to schedule internal training sessions, while in Kuala Lumpur a limo driver’s customers can schedule their own ride to the airport. At the same time, it is being used to schedule relief workers in Haiti while in Bulgaria SuperSaaS is used to schedule volunteers to help out in an orphanage. We purposely designed the system to be extremely flexible, but we never imagined people would find such diverse uses for it.

New VAT rules for EU customers

Starting January 1st 2015 consumers in the European Union are required to pay VAT on digital services based on their location. If you are in the EU, we’ve automatically adjusted the price of your subscription so that your total payment remains the same. You will start paying the new price only if you adjust your subscription.

We welcome your feedback

Thanks to all of your valuable input we can remain the most flexible and affordable appointment scheduling system, continuing to grow and learn. So we always appreciate hearing from you. You can reach us via the feedback form on the site or by simply replying to this email. Thank You.