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SuperSaaS turned ten years old this month, making us one of the oldest around, and we’re still going strong. Here’s a quick review of what we’ve been doing to give you more time to focus on tasks you do the best instead:

New features: you asked, we listened

We aim to provide the most flexible system on the market, which means we are constantly developing new features.

Compliance with the upcoming privacy law GDPR

Understand what steps you need to take if you’re dealing with customers residing in the EU to ensure you comply with the new data protection law “GDPR”.

Upgrade your SuperSaaS schedule to HTTPS

Websites are switching to HTTPS for increased privacy and security. We explain how to make that switch easily with your SuperSaaS calendar.

SuperSaaS at 10, still evolving

As we turn 10, we continue to be surprised by the interesting uses that our clients find for the system. And we’re excited to see how SuperSaaS will evolve in the years to come.

New features: you asked, we listened

Your feedback helps us to understand how we can make your workflow easier. The following features proved to be the most-requested improvements from the feedback we received throughout last year:

  • New mobile design for phones & tablets
    We updated the layout for mobile phones and tablets to make it more “responsive” and modern looking. Within your account, you can select between the two themes we offer on the Layout Settings page. We’ve also taken the time to make the administrator screens easier to use on mobile devices.

New mobile layout

  • Expanded webhook functionality
    Webhooks can inform other websites about events happening on your SuperSaaS account. For example, you can use them to instantly update a Google Calendar to reflect changes in your SuperSaaS calendar. We added additional webhooks that trigger on a reminder or follow-up. They can be used to set up a video conference at the time of the meeting or send a questionnaire afterwards. Although webhooks are often used by programmers to expand the functionality of the site, you don’t have to be a programmer to use them: Zapier or Make allow you to easily create links between SuperSaaS and hundreds of well-known websites with a few clicks. We added a number of example templates to their sites to help you get started. More information can be found in the webhook tutorial.
  • Expanded API for programmers
    We added new abilities for programmers to integrate SuperSaaS into their own site and updated the developer documentation with copy/paste examples. We also added modules for several popular programming languages.
  • More languages
    The end-user screens are now available in Traditional Chinese, Korean and Indonesian, bringing the total number of supported languages to 32.

Compliance with the upcoming privacy law GDPR

If you are dealing with consumers living in the European Union, then you need to comply with the new privacy and data protection law “GDPR” starting in May 2018. While the amount of work required for compliance depends on your business, the steps you need to take for your SuperSaaS schedule are relatively painless. You can read a full explanation in this blog post. You can also view a summary of settings relevant to the GDPR on our GDPR Page.

Upgrade your SuperSaaS schedule to HTTPS

Google and major browser vendors are becoming increasingly strict about having SSL (https) on your website. This is being done to protect user data and security. You will also want to switch your SuperSaaS schedule to SSL soon. If you are using your schedule on the domain, then you can simply switch to SSL by changing a few settings within your schedule. If you are using a custom domain name, it takes a little more work. Read this blog post on SSL to find out the step-by-step directions to take, or follow the custom domain tutorial for switching over to SSL.

SuperSaaS at 10, still evolving

We’re 10 years old this month – an eternity in the internet age. Our clients continue to inspire and surprise us with all the interesting uses of our platform they find. It turns out that once people get used to the convenience of online booking they start using it for many other things. Like booking the company meeting room, managing sign-ups for a blood drive, or scheduling photo sessions for security badges. Now that webhooks have made it easy to connect and integrate SuperSaaS, a whole new category of applications has opened up. Meeting rooms open automatically shortly before the meeting and lights on the sports field are switched off automatically after practice ends. Applications we never imagined when building the site, and we are delighted that the system proves flexible enough to cater to all those different needs.

What’s in store for the next decade? Our age certainly doesn’t mean we will sit back and relax; the feature request list is hundreds of items long, and we are diligently working our way down the list. A growing number of features does carry the risk of confusing new users, so we will pay extra attention to make things easy to use. Of course, we can expect the web to keep evolving as it always has in the past. When we first started, the iPhone just entered the scene. Now we’re looking at what artificial intelligence and voice control will mean for us. We’re excited to tackle these challenges and see where these developments will lead us as SuperSaaS evolves.

Inventive users

Your feedback is welcome

We always appreciate hearing from our clients. You can reach us via the feedback form on the site or by simply replying to this email. We have added some helpful videos on our YouTube channel. If you would like more frequent updates about new features and tips, you may want to follow us on Facebook.