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SuperSaaS may not add hours to your day, but we can reduce the amount of time you spend on admin. Here’s a quick review of what we’ve been doing to give you more time to focus on what you do best instead:

New features: you asked, we listened

We aim to provide the most flexible system on the market, which means we are constantly developing new features.

More powerful ways to combine your schedules

Configuring a schedule with complex requirements can feel like a game of Tetris. You can easily offer multiple resources, link various calendars and combine them in complex ways.

Quick hacks: time savers for daily use

You may find these tips and tricks useful for getting more out of your schedule’s functionality.

Growing far and wide

We often see customers from across the globe using their schedules to achieve incredible goals, make a difference or contribute to their community.

You asked, we listened: new features

Your feedback helps us to understand how we can make your workflow easier. These features proved to be the most needed improvements from the feedback we received over the course of last year:

  • Book now via Facebook: you can now easily integrate your schedule directly with your Facebook page by adding a “Book Now” button.
  • Prevent unwanted gaps: you can streamline your bookings by revealing only the first available slot for each day. This prevents your calendar from looking like Swiss cheese because customers are required to make adjacent bookings, starting from the first available option.
  • Show pending: this feature can be seen via the Supervise tab and it provides you with an overview of all bookings marked as ‘pending approval’ or ‘awaiting payment’ so that you can quickly identify which bookings require action.
  • Show a schedule list: if you offer more than one schedule, you can now show your users a list to choose from. You can set this up on the Access Control page.
  • Use these new magic words: we have added a few new auto text strings for you to customise your messages.
    • $modurl allows someone who visits the link to modify or delete the appointment without logging in. This is especially useful if you do not want users to create an account before booking, but you still want to allow people to make changes.
    • $agenda can be added to the white space above the schedule. This will show a link to all of a user’s appointments in all schedules across your account.
    • $else can now be used to follow the $if magic word, so that you can respond with a message if the preceding $if is not true.

Magic word

  • Apply advanced time partitioning for pricing rules: our already-powerful pricing rule logic can now do even more elaborate time subdivisions. For example, renting out parking spots that have higher rates during peak hours and lower rates at night. If you make a reservation for multiple days, the system will divide the period into parts and apply the appropriate price to each one.
  • Search and download promotions: if you offer many coupons, it is now possible to search for a coupon by name, which is useful for Groupon customers who sometimes have hundreds of coupons. There is also a new option to download all coupons to a CSV file or to Excel to allow a usage analysis of coupons, for example.
  • API improvements: the API for programmers can now return JSON as well as XML. We have updated our support documentation with examples that can be easily copied and pasted. We have also enabled the ability for you to use your own email server.
  • Skip form as admin: when creating an appointment on behalf of a user, the admin previously had to fill out the (possibly lengthy) custom form required for the booking as well. This is no longer necessary as there is now a “Skip” button on the form visible to admins.

Skip form

  • Expiring credit enhancements: you can now forcibly expire a user’s purchase via your Shop Supervise page.
  • Subscribing made easier: it is no longer necessary to use a PayPal account and you can now upgrade or downgrade your subscription with just a few clicks.

More powerful ways to combine your schedules

SuperSaaS is used for many different and often complex needs. At our own office, we use SuperSaaS to book candidate interviews as the company grows. This sort of scheduling can be admin intensive if you need to coordinate calendars for several managers with multiple candidates.

While our system has always had the ability to link multiple schedules, we have recently expanded this ability to combine resources across schedule boundaries in more flexible ways.

For example, next to the ability to specify that a service needs more than one resource, such as “Manager 1” AND “Room 2”, you can now also say “Manager 1” OR “Manager 2” AND “Room 1”, but not “Manager 3”.

It is no longer necessary for Manager 1 and Manager 2 to be in the same schedule. It is now possible that each manager can sync their own Google Calendar and still show a combined availability for an appointment that depends on either one.

This function applies equally to services such as wellness spas with a number of different treatments, therapists and rooms that all need to be coordinated to complete a customer’s booking.

Logical or

Quick hacks

  • You can easily create a promotion, such as offering a free lesson, using the coupon feature. Read more about how to set up promotions
  • Offer your customers optional extras and display prices during the booking process using the drop-down menu feature.
  • If you want to switch your schedule to SSL you can do this via the Access Control page. If your site moves to HTTPS and you have embedded your schedule in an iframe, you will need to switch your schedule for it to continue working

Discover more tips & tricks that can help improve your workflow.

Growing far and wide

SuperSaaS is now available in 29 languages, with the most recent additions being Romanian and Turkish. We have also expanded our customer support and we can now be reached in Swedish and Portuguese.

Our customers across the globe often use their SuperSaaS schedule to make a difference and contribute to their community. Here are a couple that stood out over the past year:

Community Firefighter Project

The Bombeiros Comunitarios San Jose SC in Brazil uses SuperSaaS for booking their Community Fire Brigade training sessions to train citizens in prevention and response to fire and casualties. Their goal is to form an organized force in the community for reaction in emergency situations and public calamities as well as the increased interaction of the Military Fire Brigade with the community.

Fire Brigade

Amsterdam North/South Metro line

Amsterdam is not only gaining an extended commuter line, but also an art collection inspired and created by local artists. Booking a sneak preview of the art works to be displayed in the anticipated North/South Metro line became possible last year with the help of a SuperSaaS schedule.


Saving lives by donating blood

Each year, the University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland uses SuperSaaS to provide a booking system for the Blood Transfusion Service so that their staff and students can book slots to donate to a good cause.

What our customers have to say

“As someone who has never made a website before, SuperSaaS provided options I had not considered before. The layout is user-friendly and provides customers with intuitive use.”
Zoe Evans, Fitness Instructor, SpinSanity
“Super easy to set up and use. My clients are able to book and also get reminders for their reserved classes they are to attend. Great system!”
Mary Ann Douglas, Owner/Operator, FIT Marine
“Excellent product and service. Every time I had a question or problem the staff at SuperSaaS responded immediately and were always pleasant to work with.”
Joe Garafolo, Performance Incorporated