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You can follow along a tutorial while building your own appointment booking calendar, or you can go ahead and try something first and come back later to see what you might have missed, both ways should work fine.

Appointment booking calendar for a Therapist
Example set up of a “resource”-type schedule. The “resource” schedule is appropriate when something can only be booked by one person at a time, such as a therapist.
Appointment booking system for a Fitness club
Example set up of a “capacity”-type schedule. The “capacity” schedule is for things that can be booked multiple times at the same time, such as a fitness class that is booked by multiple students.
Event registration system for a Golf tournament
Set up a booking system for an event using a golf tournament as example. This example shows how to set up a system to take bookings without using the calendar functionality.
Hotel Bed
Reservation system for a Bed & Breakfast
Adapt an appointment booking calendar to use as a reservation system for a small hotel or a holiday rental home.

These chapters offer an in-depth look at one particular subject:

The system has a wealth of options so it is easy to overlook something useful and you may want to scan the tutorials for options you’ve missed. In any case, feel free to experiment; you can start with a new schedule or delete one you don’t like at any time.