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Using your calendar on a mobile device

When you, or your clients, visit a SuperSaaS schedule with a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android, the system will automatically show a version optimized for handheld devices. So there are no particular configuration settings needed for your schedule to be usable on a mobile.

Using the mobile version on a desktop

If you want to try out the mobile version of the site on a desktop you can force the system to display the mobile version by replacing with in the web address of your calendar. One reason to use the mobile version on a desktop is to get a smaller version to put inside an iframe. When you use an iframe to integrate the appointment calendar into a site there may not be enough room available for the full desktop version. Any domain that starts with “m.” will cause the handheld version to display, so if you use a custom domain name for your schedule then you can add an additional custom domain that starts with “m.” to get that same capability.

Using the desktop version on a mobile device

On tablet devices with a large screen, such as the iPad, you may find it convenient to use the desktop version instead of the mobile version, provided that you have a fast internet connection. You can switch a mobile device to the desktop version with the “Show desktop” link at the bottom of the screen. To switch back see the instructions in the previous paragraph.

Differences between the mobile version and the desktop version

The mobile version of the site has been optimized for small screens and slow download connections. Therefor the server pre-calculates most calendar pages to avoid downloading large JavaScript libraries to the phone. However, there are a few pages that require the use of JavaScript and consequently those will only work on phones that have JavaScript switched on. On most modern phones and tablets JavaScript is switched on by default, including the iPad, the iPhone and all Android phones and recent BlackBerry models. The configuration pages have not been optimized for handheld devices, the assumption is that setup and configuration is something that you would likely do on a desktop.

Putting SuperSaaS on the home screen on an iPhone or iPad

Link icon

If you frequently visit your schedule on an iPhone it can be convenient to be able to launch it from an icon on the home screen of you iPhone or iPad. To do this visit the link to your schedule in the Safari browser on your phone. When the page has finished downloading click the “Link” icon (see picture on the right) and then select the option “Add to Home Screen” from the menu that appears. A SuperSaaS icon will appear on the home screen of your phone just as if it were an app, and clicking it will open your schedule. You can do this multiple times if you have more than one schedule. Note that there is no need to go to the “App store” and download an app to do this.

Home Screen

Putting SuperSaaS on the home screen of an Android device

To put a SuperSaaS schedule on the home screen of an Android device so you can access it with a single tap, take the following steps: