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A dependable personal assistant for your healthcare business

Automate your healthcare business by shifting daily admin tasks to SuperSaaS, your digital personal assistant. Sign up with SuperSaaS and offer a hassle-free appointment booking solution to your patients. Reserve time for your medical devices and facilities. Provide multiple treatments at your clinic. And much more.

Create a specialized healthcare schedule with versatile features

Payment processingIntegrate payment options

Accept online payment and tailor prices for the services you provide

User rolesAssign user roles

Grant and restrict access to your online schedule by assigning user roles

Extremely customizableCustomize as needed

Customize all aspects of your schedule to create a tailor-made booking system that perfectly fits your needs

Send confirmationsConfigure SMS/email confirmation

Personalize the SMS/email confirmation messages you send to your patients and staff

All the features you need from a scheduling solution

  • Reduce no-shows. Reduce no-shows with automated personalized reminders
  • 24/7 Availability. Provide your patients flexible online booking during the hours they are most likely to schedule an appointment
  • Increase patient satisfaction. Increase patient satisfaction with reduced waiting time and automated waiting lists
  • Save on costs. Manage all your records electronically and reduce the manual effort of administrative work and documentation
  • Automated waiting lists. Use automated waiting lists to increase patient bookings and quickly fill new openings
  • Resource utilization. Maximize utilization of your medical resources and personnel by managing their schedule online
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  • A simplified scheduling solution Streamline patient bookings, set working hours, opening days, and holidays. Incorporate call shifts, rotations, and much more with online scheduling.
  • 24/7 Access Have a virtual assistant available 24/7, 365 days a year for a fraction of the cost. Anyone can quickly view your schedule and submit an appointment booking request on-the-go with immediate SMS/email confirmations. You can automatically sync schedules with Outlook and Google Calendar and check the availability of the doctors and staff members.
  • Increase patient satisfaction Enable your patients to book a time slot at their convenience, reduce wait times with a waitlist in case a healthcare professional is unavailable, and reduce no-shows with automated reminders.
  • Intuitive design Simplify your workflow with a sleek and intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate, customize, and integrate into your website.
  • Manage multiple schedules effortlessly You can effortlessly coordinate multiple schedules to create a single integrated schedule. For example, a clinic with several healthcare practitioners can create a single schedule which checks availability from the schedules of all practitioners.
  • Quick information processing Manage all of your patients’ information reliably, quickly set up recurring appointments, accept online payments, and analyze the data to find useful business insights.
  • Cost-effective Prevent miscommunication and reduce the pressure on your staff by simplifying their work process. SuperSaaS offers feature-rich cost friendly solution.
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Our customers make us blush

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The success of the swine flu response in the Republic of Ireland is due in no small part to the facility of being able to book online. That we were able to set this up and roll it out nationally in such a short space of time is a credit to SuperSaaS.

Paul McSweeney, Assistant National Director, Health Service Executive

I appreciate the variety of options offered through this program. I can complete multiple tasks with relative ease. I initiated the free trial beforehand and found it entirely compatible with all my daily requirements. I use it mainly for appointments and real time scheduling. The organizational tools available for the appointment scheduling feature helps greatly in keeping track of all records. The appointment reminders have also saved previous encounters of missed appointment which ultimately saves costs.

Emily B., Operations Analyst at Medline Industries Inc.