Online Scheduling Software for Schools

An Online Scheduling System That Benefits Students and Teachers

Evaluating the benefits associated with online appointment systems, many schools are exploring the opportunity. With an online appointment system, students are able sign up for classes, exams or even make appointments with a student counselor, all with just a few quick clicks. The online system also features the ability coordinate schedules according to shared resources, such as computers, projectors or meeting rooms. No more manual versions of calendars and time slots that take time and can lead to potential miscommunication. With SuperSaaS scheduling software everything is online, providing a clear and efficient access to the appointments and availability.

Easy to Configure to Meet Your Specific Needs

When it comes to configuring the scheduling process, the SuperSaaS system is structured to accommodate a wide range of needs. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive system, it is specifically designed to cater to the way you work, however that is. We have experience providing scheduling systems for many schools and have refined the process to include a number of advanced features such as automatic waiting lists, automatic text reminders and even time zone integration for language schools.

User-Friendly With Plenty of Functional Options

The SuperSaaS system provides a wide range of options, and we have tailored the interface to ease the actual navigation. The result is a system that is adaptable to your needs and makes scheduling an appointment or signing up for a class a faster and more efficient experience. We’ve made the entire process, from the configuration to everyday use, as simple as possible for our users. The software is all accessed online so all the updates and back-ups happen automatically. Even when you start to create a new schedule, the system will walk you through the process step by step, while excluding any features that aren’t applicable to you. To assist with the setup process, we provide in-depth tutorials to further explain certain aspects. In addition, we also have an online support team that is ready to help you along the way.

Students making an online appointment

The Key Features of the SuperSaaS System

  • Available 24/7
  • Save time on planning
  • Access from any device
  • Easy to supervise
  • Flexible settings
  • No installation
  • Email confirmations
  • SMS reminders
  • Waiting list feature
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Experience It For Yourself With Our Free Trial

We encourage you to see for yourself what SuperSaaS has to offer through our free trial version. You will get the full experience and have the opportunity to try all the aspects of the appointment booking system. There’s no pressure to subscribe unless you are fully satisfied with the scope of what SuperSaaS offers. Best of all, if you do decide to subscribe, we offer subscriptions that start at only $8/month. There are no hidden start-up costs and you have the ability to unsubscribe at any time. We invite you to take advantage of this free, full-version trial and discover the benefits of the online scheduling system for yourself.

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